Yesterday (December 20, 2016) my friends and I went to Antipolo. It was my second time going to the place. The first time I went there was last year, with my schoolmates for our teambuilding. It was a veeeery tiring day. Riding the MRT is not easy. Tomato sauce na lang kulang, sardinas na! 😂  Paying fare for jeepney in Antipolo is cool! Instead of paying it on the driver/ the person with driver in front, the collector of the money is on the back of the vehicle. Very unusual for me. 😅  So here are some of the photos from yesterday’s trip. 👇



This is outside the museum. And btw, the door right there is not the door you’ll use to be able to enter. 😅



There’s a room there wherein you’ll see artworks from a pluviophile artist. A pluviophile is a person who loves rain. I love how realistic his artworks are. And I’m so stupid to forget to take photos of it. 😩😩 I think I was so mesmerized by his artworks that the only thing I captured was his reason why he’s pluviophile.

Some of the artworks I captured.

As you can see, I have few photos of the artworks. Because as much as possible, I wanna focus on the artworks itself. The reason I went there is because I wanna appreciate art and the artists. Not just to take photos for my “IG feed.”



This church is popular because this is where newly-puchased cars are being blessed. We weren’t able to stay longer on the church because there will be a wedding but it is so beautiful.

CLOUD 9 ☁️


Photo from: Google

Cloud 9 was the last place we visited. Basically, you have to go through the hanging bridge which is hanged upwards. And when you finished the hanging bridge, this is your next stop:


Photo from: Google

The 360° view of Antipolo. The view is beautiful and relaxing. 

Tbh, when I took these photos, my hands were shaking. 😂😂😂


I was with Bea and Dana when we climb up there. What we did was, we wrote our surnames, the date and signed it. Bea even said, “Sa susunod na pupunta tayo dito iba na apelyido natin.” Lol. Sounds crazy and romantic. 😂



(From left to right: Zarah, Bea, Me, Dana, Bals)

This trip wouldn’t be memorable without these girls (+ Allen, Zarah’s bf, he took the photo btw) . We planned this trip week before. So we only had 7 days to earn money and be thrifty af 😂. We had a hard time commuting and as we go home, we were dropped to the wrong place. 😂 It was a tiring day, because most of the time we were walking and standing to the MRT, but memorable as well. It’s such an achievement to go to a not-so-far place with your squad, without any company of adults. 😅 *pat on the baaaack* 👌🤘 Hoping for more adventuresssss!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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