So my bestfriend named Naw & I went to Manila earlier. With the screenshot photos of the map and ways how to go there. We are planned to go to National Library and National Museum for our thesis. But sadly, National Library is close because it’s only open on weekdays which are the days we’re not available. 😔 Going somewhere without the company of your parents or any adults is a bit hard because roads are really confusing. When we finally in United Nations Ave., someone approached us to ride with them and they’re going to lead us to National Library and the ride costs P40. We said no because they look like untrust-worthy (lol im being judgemental but seriously it’s true ✌️) So we followed the directions we have researched using Google Map and asked on guards and we reached National Library! And it’s so near from UN Ave. so we really don’t need a ride. But yeah, it’s close. We’re dissapointed 😞 So we ate first then start walking from Kalaw Ave. to National Museum. Again, we followed the directions and we also reached it! A friendly guard told us that next time we’ll go there, it’s free! Haha! National Museum will open on 10AM and we’re already there at 8AM! Hahaha! Too early! 😂 So we decided to go to Luneta Park nearby the Museum. We roamed the Park and I’m still amazed on how peaceful it is! We went to Chinese Garden and it’s so chill! Took photos with the monument of Jose Rizal and something is photobombing our shot, the Torre de Manila. How annoying that on-going building! We went back to Museum, get in and was suprised on how beautiful the Museum is!!! The paintings and sculptures are sooo amazing!!! The painters worked really hard for those beautifuuuuuuul artworks!! Saw the historical Spoliarium of Juan Luna, the happenings on WWII, the works of Jose Rizal and the amazing works of Fernando Amorsolo! There were painters I am not familiar like Guillermo Tolentino and Pablo Amorsolo. Their works are extremely amazing!!! When we felt tired, we went home and we feel so proud of ourselves because we just roamed Manila without any company from adults! Wohoooo! Thank You Lord for guiding us and keeping us safe! 🙏 Best weekend so far! Hoping for moooore! 😊😊😊


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